WSU faculty and staff condemn the forced removal of students from the camp


DETROIT (FOX 2)Wayne State University faculty and staff marched across campus to denounce the aggressive removal of students from a pro-Palestinian camp last week.

“Hands off our students!” Those present sang on Tuesday. “Free, free Palestine!”

Faculty and staff were joined by students, alumni and local officials – all of whom condemned WSU President Kimberly Andrews Espy “for ordering the May 30 violent removal of student demonstrators from the Spirit Rock encampment, which had been established a week earlier to demand the divestment of universities from companies profiting from Israel’s military offensive against the people of the occupied Gaza Strip,” a press release said.


Police in riot gear dismantled the WSU encampment last Thursday and took at least 12 protesters into custody. released later that day.

Officers could be seen removing protesters from the camp and tearing down tents.

“We just want to see justice. We want an apology,” said one protester.

Before Tuesday’s march, a news conference was held where university staffers outlined their demands to Wayne State’s president and board of trustees. They presented an open letter, signed by more than a hundred university employees.

“The university must issue a formal apology to the students, activists and legal observers who were violently treated – with particular attention to those whose headscarves were removed during the incident,” a speaker said.

“The university and the Public Prosecution Service should refrain from filing charges against the arrested students and other community members,” said another speaker at the event.

A spokesperson for Espy told FOX 2 that the university has no comment on Tuesday’s demonstration and demands.

“As faculty and staff at a public institution, it is our job to hold that public institution accountable,” a university official said.

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