Uber will collaborate with taxi companies throughout Germany for the first time


The transport service provider Uber is opening its app to all taxi companies throughout Germany, while until now it was only possible to book rides with Uber in 16 German cities.

Taxi drivers and car rental companies can now use Uber nationwide. This would allow companies to tap additional revenue streams without monthly membership fees or long-term contracts and significantly increase their capacity utilization and revenue, the company explains.

Uber changed its global strategy months ago. Originally, Uber mainly brokered competitors’ taxi services. The company is now also trying to attract taxi drivers to its platform. In cities such as Berlin and Munich, taxis can already be booked via the app of the US-founded company.

According to Uber, around 20% of all taxis in the capital already work with the platform. There are more than 4,000 taxi drivers throughout Germany.

Christoph Weigler, head of Uber Germany, said that by opening the app to all taxi drivers across Germany, Uber is emphasizing its interest in being a partner for the taxi industry in Germany.

“Taxis can also benefit from digitalization, active customer advertising and high demand on our platform,” the company said. Digital booking of services has become the standard. “With the Uber app we offer the technological solution and provide taxi drivers with additional assignments simply and transparently.”

The German Taxi and Rental Car Association is skeptical about the collaboration with Uber. Collaboration can only be considered between serious business partners and “there are major doubts about Uber,” said Michael Oppermann, director of the association, in an interview with broadcaster RTL/ntv.

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