The UN will describe Israel and Hamas as violating the rights of children in armed conflict


UNITED NATIONS — In an upcoming report to the U.N. Security Council, the world body’s secretary general plans to Israel and Hamas are at war that violates the rights and protection of children.

The foreword to last year’s report states that it lists parties involved in “the killing and maiming of children, rape and other forms of sexual violence against children, attacks on schools, hospitals and protected persons.”

The head of Secretary General António Guterres’ office called Israel’s UN ambassador. Gilad Erdanto inform him on Friday that Israel would be included in the report when it is sent to the Council next week, UN spokesman Stéphane Dujarric told reporters.

Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad will also be included on the list.

Israel reacted indignantly, sending news organizations a video of Erdan berating the head of Guterres’ office, allegedly on the other end of a phone call.

“Hamas will continue to use schools and hospitals even more, because this shameful decision by the Secretary General will only give Hamas hope to survive and prolong the war and prolong the suffering,” Erdan wrote in a statement. “He should be ashamed!”

The move raised a long term feud between Israel and the UNwith Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying: “The UN today placed itself on the blacklist of history.”

The condemnation of the secretary general’s decision appeared to bring together Israel’s increasingly fractious leadership — from right-wing Netanyahu and Erdan to popular centrist war cabinet member Benny Gantz.

Gantz quoted Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, as saying, “It doesn’t matter what the goyim (non-Jews) say, what matters is what the Jews do.”

Meanwhile, the Palestinian UN ambassador said adding Israel to the “list of shame” will not bring back tens of thousands of our children who have been murdered by Israel for decades.

“But it is an important step in the right direction,” Riyad Mansour wrote in a statement.

Israel faces a difficult challenge international criticism about the civilian casualties in Gaza and whether the country has done enough to prevent them in an eight-month war. Two recent air raids dozens of civilians killed in Gaza.

UN agencies warned on Wednesday that more than 1 million Palestinians in Gaza could experience the highest level of famine by the middle of next month if hostilities continue.

The World Food Program and the Food and Agriculture Organization say in a joint report that hunger is worsening due to severe restrictions on access to humanitarian aid and the collapse of the world’s local food system. the eight-month war between Israel and Hamas.

The percentage of Palestinian women and children who are murdered the war between Israel and Hamas It appears to have declined sharply, according to an Associated Press analysis of Gaza Health Ministry data, a trend that both coincides with changing Israeli battlefield tactics and contradicts its own public statements of the ministry.

This trend is significant because the mortality rate among women and children is the best available indicator of the number of civilian casualties in any of the 21st century crises. most destructive conflicts. In October, when the war started, this percentage was above 60 percent. For the month of April this was below 40 percent.

Yet the shift went unnoticed by the UN and much of the media for months, and the Hamas-affiliated Health Ministry made no effort to put things right.

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