The German minister emphasizes security and says that people should enjoy euros


Germany will mount a huge police operation to secure Euro 2024, but fans must get out and enjoy the tournament, Home Affairs Minister Nancy Faeser has said.

Faeser, whose portfolio also includes sports, told Deutschlandfunk radio that the June 14-July 14 Euro 14 in 10 German cities “would be a huge effort in terms of manpower deployment.

“We will have 22,000 federal police officers on duty every day for the European Football Championships alone,” she said.

Faeser said the euro threat scenarios also include individuals acting on their own, such as last week in the city of Mannheim, where a police officer was stabbed to death by an Afghan immigrant.

Faeser said safety was the top priority in her role, but she also told everyone to make the most of the tournament.

“That’s something I say to everyone in Germany: look forward to the tournament. Go there,” she said.

Faeser said the European Championship should provide “a more carefree time, when we can enjoy our national team again and perhaps not always have to think about the worst things that currently play a certain role in foreign and domestic politics.”

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