The Caribbean Groupe Antilles Glaces buys the French Groupe Saint Aubin


Caribbean Groupe Antilles Glaces has become the majority shareholder of France-based dessert and savory snacks company Groupe Saint Aubin.

Antilles Glaces, which produces dairy products, soft drinks, beer, jam and fresh produce in the French West Indies and Guyana, bought the group from European private investment company Capza.

Financial details were not disclosed.

Groupe Saint Aubin, based in Paray-le-Monial in central France, produces desserts, savory snacks and ready-made products. It supplies supermarket chains, bakery chains and distributors for the catering industry.

The company has 119 employees and three production sites in the Saône-et-Loire region. It is present in France and abroad with its three brands: Les Délices de Janice, Chapuis Traiteur Surgelé and Chapuis Traiteur Frais.

Capza, which one purchased Groupe Saint Aubin sold its entire stake in 2019.

Valérie Ladieu, Managing Director of Antilles Glaces, said: “We have found at Saint Aubin many values ​​common to those of our group and we are happy to continue the work started and develop the activity in particular through the synergies to implement that we have identified.

“The knowledgeable and experienced management team will continue to support Saint Aubin’s growth, which is a key element of this acquisition for us.”

The Caribbean company has eight factories and nine logistics platforms in Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana and mainland France.

Emmanuel Bonnaud, managing partner at Capza, said: “This operation concludes four years of in-depth work in which team spirit and the search for excellence played a decisive role. We are happy and honored that a serious partner in Antilles Glaces is taking over the majority shareholder of Saint Aubin and wish them, as well as the teams, the best for their further development.”

The move marks Antilles Glaces’ second position in mainland France, following the acquisition of ice cream maker Glaces de Lyon in 2018.

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