Gantz leaves the Israeli emergency government due to a dispute over the future of Gaza


Influential Israeli politician Benny Gantz is leaving the emergency government formed in Israel after the attack by the Palestinian Islamist Hamas movement on October 7 due to disagreements over the future of the Gaza Strip, he told journalists on Sunday evening.

The 65-year-old former defense minister had already threatened to take this step as prime minister Benjamin NetanyahuIsrael’s government has failed to formulate a plan for post-war order in the Gaza Strip.

The ultimatum that Gantz gave to Netanyahu on this issue a few weeks ago expired on Saturday. However, due to the dramatic rescue of four hostages from the Gaza Strip, he postponed a planned press conference at the last minute.

According to Gantz, the resignation from the government led by Netanyahu also has consequences for other members of his National Unity Party.

However, this move will not topple Israel’s leadership, as Netanyahu’s right-wing religious cabinet still has a majority of 64 out of 120 seats in parliament, even without Gantz’s party.

Former General Gantz joined Netanyahu’s government as minister without portfolio after the unprecedented attack by Hamas and other terrorist groups, to send a signal of unity.

The centrist National Unity party, led by Gantz, is effectively in opposition.

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