100% Free CPA Link Promotion

100% Free CPA Link Promotion

Do you want to earn in CPA Marketing? But you don’t have a website? Today I will share with you about a website through which you can market your CPA link absolutely free.

Advantages of this website:

  1. The page you publish to. It will be indexed by Google immediately. Because our website is published on Google News.
  2. You will get organic users of the location for which you write news.
  3. If the quality of your content is good, it will come in the ranking and many users will come to your page.
    Apart from this there are many more benefits. This time let’s know how to publish your link.
  4. news-en.com, you will register on this website and click on New Post from the submit page.
  5. Give a nice title of your news. After that write the news within 400/500 words.
  6. Design a poster like a banner ad for your CPA link in this news. And link. Looks like Google Ads. Then you will get lead.

After that you can market your page through various Facebook groups, and email.

This time let’s find out where to get the news?

  1. For this you enter Google News and see recent news. You can open some similar news and write as you like.
  2. You can see recent news through Google Trends.

If you follow these you will get better results.

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