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World War II bomb found near Frankfurt airport has been successfully defused


A World War II-era phosphorus bomb discovered at a construction site at Frankfurt Airport has been successfully defused, a police spokesman said on Friday.

The decades-old bomb was discovered during construction work around the new Terminal 3. White phosphorus incendiary bombs were widely used against Germany during the Second World War.

An exclusion zone was established in a radius of approximately 1,000 meters around the site of the discovery. The A5 motorway, which runs close to the airport, was temporarily closed due to the bomb disposal operation.

The airport advised passengers to allow sufficient time to reach the airport and to go to the check-in counter as early as possible. It says travelers should check their airline’s website for any changes.

Police close access to the airport/Cargo City South via the L3262 following the discovery of a World War II bomb. A phosphorus bomb has been found at the construction site of Terminal 3 at Frankfurt Airport. Andreas Arnold/dpa

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