Who are the leaders of the Green Party, Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay?


Education: University of Durham

Family: No known partner

Political career: Bristol City Councilor 2015-2024; Parliamentary candidate for Bristol Central

Who is she?

Ms. Denyer’s political campaigns began when she was in sixth grade and became involved in campaigns to promote fair trade and stop the war in Iraq. She is vegan.

After graduating from Durham University, she used her mechanical engineering qualifications in the renewable energy sector, specializing in wind energy, before joining the Green Party in 2011.

She describes herself as bisexual or pansexual and was recognized by media website Bristol Live in 2021 as one of Bristol’s most influential LGBTQ+ people.

What was her route into politics?

She was first elected to Bristol City Council in 2015, advocating for tenants’ rights and access to public transport and key services.

In 2018, she wrote Europe’s first Climate Emergency declaration, pushing the city to become carbon neutral by 2030 – a measure later adopted by hundreds of councils and the British Parliament.

This will be her second attempt to become MP for Bristol West, having almost doubled the Green Party’s vote share in 2019 and being elected co-leader in 2021.

Age: 42

Education: City of Norwich School, University of East Anglia

Family: Engaged with two children

Political career: Norwich City Councilor 2003-2011; Parliamentary candidate in Waveney Valley

Who is he?

Mr Ramsay was born in Norwich and attended the local secondary school, while his father worked in sales and his mother in a clothing store.

He joined the Green Party when he turned 16 because he felt other parties were overlooking climate issues, poverty and animal cruelty. He then went on to study politics at master’s level.

After graduating, he became one of the youngest councilors in the country when he was first elected to Norwich City Council in 2003.

He has since been chief executive of two environmental charities and worked as a senior lecturer in environmental politics and economics.

What was his route into politics?

Mr Ramsay worked as a councilor in Norwich between 2003 and 2011, helping the Green councilors’ group grow into the largest in England.

He was also part of the team that helped Caroline Lucas become the first Green MP at Brighton Pavilion in 2010.

He has been in and out of leadership and industry – he became deputy leader of the party in 2008 but resigned from office in 2012 and moved into the renewable energy sector.

He was elected co-leader in 2021 and promised the party’s second MP would be elected to Westminster.

What are the Green Party’s main promises?

  • They want a second Green MP to be elected to the House of Commons

  • Accelerate the rollout of renewable energy, strengthen Green Belt restrictions and give UK ecosystems legal rights and protections

  • Create 150,000 new social housing units, end the Right to Buy program, implement rent controls and end no-fault evictions.

  • End privatization in the NHS

What state is the Green Party in?

Caroline Lucas, the Green Party’s only MP, has resigned ahead of these elections after representing Brighton Pavilion for 14 years.

Former party co-leader and London Assembly member Sian Berry hopes to step into her shoes there and carry the Greens’ torch into the House of Commons.

Following success at the local elections, particularly in becoming the largest party in Bristol City Council, expectations are high that Ms Denyer will become the Greens’ second MP for Bristol Central.

Standing in North Herefordshire, Mr Ramsay and former MEP Ellie Chowns are also hoping to increase the party’s membership in Westminster.

BBC News will have a profile of each of the major party leaders running in the 2024 UK general election.

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