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Ukraine isn’t ‘one system away from a huge breakthrough,’ but there are things it can’t get enough of, a White House official says


  • A White House official says Ukraine needs a consistent flow of capabilities, not one decisive weapon, to defeat Russia.

  • Russia is believed to produce artillery shells three times faster than Ukraine’s NATO partners.

  • The US is producing together with Kiev to boost the defense industry and compete with Russia.

Deputy National Security Advisor Jonathan Finer said there is no specific weapon Ukraine needs to defeat Russia. Instead, Ukraine needs a consistent flow of certain capabilities.

There’s a sense that “they’re one system away from a huge breakthrough where they’re going to get the system and run roughshod over the Russian military,” Finer said at a Center for New American Security. conference Thursday. “This is not that kind of war,” he added.

Finer said he wishes the US could provide Ukraine with an endless supply of artillery and air defense weapons, which Ukraine needs most. “If there are two things we could give an infinite amount of to the Ukrainians to turn the tide of this war, they would be artillery ammunition and air defense interceptors,” he explained.

“We’re just not making enough of it,” he said, adding that “we’re making more, and early next year we think we’ll be in a much stronger position.”

The consultancy firm arrived in May Bain & Company discovered that Russia produces artillery shells three times faster than Ukraine’s NATO partners for less, and the country is expected to refurbish or produce as many as 4.5 million artillery shells this year.

That said, the US, like some of its allies and partners in Europe, has worked dramatically increase artillery shell production, especially the highly sought after 155mm grenades. Before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the US was making about 14,000 a month, but the goal is to bring that number to 100,000 by 2025.

A soldier of the 66th separate gun artillery battalion of the 406th separate artillery brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is depicted by the American M777 howitzer.Dmytro Smolienko/Ukrinform/Future Publishing via Getty Images

In addition to making more grenades, Finer added that the US is launching a co-production with Kiev to boost the defense industry and compete with Russian production capabilities.

Ukrainian soldiers expressed the dire need for artillery and air defense on the battlefield in an interview with CNN last week, with some saying the US-supplied M1 Abrams tanks were not enough. American veterans who fought in Ukraine have also said the same thing in the past, especially as Ukraine faced a debilitating ammunition shortage.

“This conflict between two very similar militaries is in some ways much more about the fundamental block and approach that I think many of us honestly didn’t fully realize would remain an important facet of modern warfare: the production of not super high-tech but critically important ammunition, which we have allowed to expire,” Finer said.

“We are now taking important action to get our act together,” he said.

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