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Ties with Jersey will remain strong


The French ambassador to Britain said her country’s ties with Jersey will remain strong despite the upcoming elections in France and Britain.

Hélène Duchêne visited the island to talk to ministers about strengthening economic and cultural ties.

She was also shown an exhibition on French and British history at the Société Jersiaise.

It is the first time since 2016 that a French ambassador has visited Jersey.

The exhibition Entente Cordiale is about a series of agreements that France and Great Britain signed in 1904 (BBC)

Ms Duchêne said she wanted to build on the friendship between the two areas.

She said passports for a day had helped boost French tourism to the island and now she was looking at “school visits to the island, because if you want good relations, children have to know each other”.

President Emmanuel Macron called early parliamentary elections for later this month, but Ms Duchêne said she did not think it would affect the relationship between Jersey and France.

“I don’t see any reason for any short-term change as the relationship is based on history and economic importance, so it is a very stable relationship,” she added.

Rebecca Bailhache, the CEO of the Société Jersiaise, welcomed the ambassador to the exhibition (BBC)

The Société Jersiaise was founded in 1873 to protect the island’s heritage and preserve its history

The CEO, Rebecca Bailhache, welcomed the ambassador to the exhibition.

She said the group was “delighted” by the visit and that Jersey had “a lot of connections with France”.

“I think it is important that we nurture relations with France because we have a shared history and past, so it is important to continue to take care of that,” Ms Bailhache added.

Members of Jersey’s French community also met the ambassador (BBC)

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