The world’s tallest rideable bicycle measures 25 feet, 5 inches


June 10 (UPI) — A few friends from France said it took them about five years to realize their dream of building the world’s tallest rideable bicycle, which stands 25 feet and 5 inches high.

Nicolas Barrioz and David Peyrou said they came up with the idea while having a drink in a pub, and soon found themselves creating designs and sourcing materials.

The duo said it took about two years to build the bike.

“It’s not possible to tell you the blood sweat and tears,” Barrioz said told Guinness World Records.

The completed bicycle was officially certified as the tallest in the world, beating the previous record by 1 foot, 2 inches.

“This experience completely changed my worldview. For this I really needed self-confidence; I was shy and had a negative self-image. Now it’s better, and sometimes I feel unstoppable; I think I can fix, build or design anything Barrioz said.

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