The German Scholz visits car manufacturer Opel on its anniversary


German carmaker Opel plans to celebrate the 125th anniversary of its factory in Rüsselsheim in western Germany on Saturday.

The occasion will be celebrated with an open day, attended by some high-profile guests, including German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Visitors can get an impression of how the manufacturer is helping to shape the transition to electromobility, the company said.

In 1899, the then sewing machine and bicycle manufacturer built its first car, the Patentmotorwagen System Lutzmann. Opel had previously taken over the work of pioneer Friedrich Lutzmann and moved it from Dessau to Rüsselsheim.

After being part of the American General Motors group for almost 90 years, Opel was acquired in 2017 by Peugeot parent company PSA, which has since merged with Fiat-Chrysler to form Stellantis.

The only German brand in the American-European group returned to profitability several years ago after thousands of job cuts and a downsizing program for its facilities elsewhere in Germany.

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