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The German climate group Last Generation defaces Scholz’s office


Activists from the German climate group Last Generation targeted Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s office in Berlin on Thursday, painting the message “Be fair!” on the building.

Police said nine people were involved in the action at the Federal Chancellery, which Last Generation said was directly addressed to Scholz.

In a statement, the group asked the chancellor to tackle the climate crisis and the “acute” threat it poses to human life.

Activists posted the same message earlier this week at the Willy Brandt House, the Berlin headquarters of Scholz’s Social Democratic Party.

The incidents follow an announcement by two participants in a hunger strike in Berlin that they will stop consuming liquids in an attempt to pressure Scholz into climate action.

The ‘Starve until you’re honest’ campaign has called on the Chancellor to publicly declare that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are already too high and that Germany’s CO2 budget has already been exceeded.

Scholz, who gave a major speech on security in the German parliament on Thursday, previously called on activists to end their hunger strike without directly addressing their demands.

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