The German branch of the writers’ association PEN bans far-right AfD members


The German branch of the writers’ association PEN does not want members of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) in its ranks and has adopted a resolution to that effect.

The resolution banning simultaneous membership of the party and the writers’ association was unanimously adopted on Friday at a general meeting in the northern port city of Hamburg, the organization officially known as PEN Center Germany announced on Saturday.

German PEN Secretary General Michael Landgraf explained: “With this resolution, the members of the PEN Center unanimously underline their commitment to the values ​​and principles expressed in the PEN International Charter.” These are in direct contradiction to the AfD’s objectives and ideas, he said.

The PEN International Charter requires members to use their influence at all times to promote good understanding and mutual respect among nations and to combat all forms of hatred.

The AfD promotes positions and objectives that are diametrically opposed to these principles, the PEN Center Germany statement continued. The AfD’s political agenda aims to emphasize and often exacerbate national and cultural borders, it added.

PEN Center Germany was founded 100 years ago. The abbreviation stands for Poets, Essayists, Novelists. The writers’ association is committed to literature, freedom of expression and international understanding.

In 2022, a split took place and the second association, PEN Berlin, was founded.

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