Sweden protests death sentences imposed on 3 Swedes in Iraq, says 4th case not confirmed


COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — The Swedish Foreign Ministry said Thursday it will summon the Iraqi charge d’affaires to Stockholm to protest the death sentences Swedes have received in Iraq.

Last month, Stockholm protested against death sentence given to a Swede. Two more cases were confirmed on Thursday, bringing the total to at least three Swedes sentenced to death in Iraq in recent weeks. All were linked to a fatal shooting earlier this year, the Foreign Ministry said.

The ministry also said it had received information that a fourth Swedish citizen had been given a death sentence that may be drug-related. However, “there are certain uncertainties surrounding the identity of the person, and therefore the Foreign Ministry cannot confirm the sentence at this time,” it said.

“We act to ensure that the sentences are not carried out,” the ministry said, adding that Sweden condemns any use of the death penalty. “We oppose it always, everywhere and under all circumstances,” it said.

The ministry says it has been in contact with the Swedes and their families, but would not provide further details, citing privacy laws.

Swedish media have said that the three Swedes are accused of involvement in the murder of a criminal in Iraq. The killing earlier this year is said to be linked to a gang war between two Swedish groups that has resulted in numerous murders and attempted murders, some of which took place outside Sweden. The Foxtrot network and its rival, Rumba, have been involved in deadly feuds for years.

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