Shahi Exports launches investigation into death and allegations of employee harassment


The Karnataka Independent Garment Workers Union (KIGWU) staged a protest at Shahi Exports following the tragic death of Kiran BM on June 24 due to suicide.

KIGWU demands an immediate end to intimidation and harassment of workers following the incident.

It is also alleged that the factory “lacks even the basic facilities stipulated under the Factories Act, 1947 for safe and secure working place, hygienic canteen and clean toilets.”

KIGWU alleges that workers face “intimidation by management” when they complain about inhumane working conditions and high and unachievable production targets.”

KIGWU alleges that further measures are being taken to “stifle their (workers’) voices”. It calls for an immediate end to all unfair labour practices, including “criminal” intimidation of workers; compensation to the family of the deceased worker, including benefits for all years of completed service and earnings for remaining service, and good faith dialogue with the Karnataka Independent Garment Workers Union to put in place corrective measures and mechanisms to ensure that such violations do not happen again in any Shahi factory.

Just Style reached out to Shahi Exports, which said it was “deeply saddened by the unfortunate passing away of our former employee, Mr. Kiran B.”

Shahi Exports said it had proactively engaged an external law firm to conduct an independent, neutral investigation and would take “all appropriate steps” based on their findings.

Shahi Exports continued: “Shahi is unwavering in its commitment to ensuring a safe, fair and respectful workplace. We have robust systems and programs in place to uphold this commitment.

“We are aware of some trade unions and civil society organisations making unsubstantiated allegations; however, we engage on a case-by-case basis to address concerns. India has robust laws governing this aspect and we will take all steps to comply with them.”

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