Russia uses devastating ‘meat strike’ attacks to find out where Ukraine’s firepower is hidden: report


  • Russia is deploying waves of troops for frontal attacks, the BBC reports.

  • Russia uses them to identify Ukrainian firepower positions, an officer told the newspaper.

  • According to reports, about 1,000 Russian soldiers are killed or wounded every day.

Russia is using frontal assaults with troops to identify Ukrainian firepower positions, a Ukrainian officer told BBC News.

In a report on Russia’s brutal frontline tactics near Kharkov in Ukraine, troops described waves of Russian attacks on their positions as “meat attacks.”

“The Russians use these units in most cases purely to see where our firearms are located and to constantly wear down our units,” said Lt. Col. Anton Bayev of the Khartia Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine. told the BBC.

“Our guys are in positions and fighting. When in one day four or five waves of enemies come at you, and you have to destroy them endlessly, it is very tough – not only physically, but also psychologically.”

Russia suffered huge losses in its invasion of Ukraine and is said to have used the tactic of “meat attacks” in attacks on the cities of Bakhmut last year.

Because Russia is a much larger country, it has a manpower advantage over Ukraine. According to analysts, Russia is using the attacks to overwhelm Ukrainian positions.

However, the tactics seem to have only benefited Russia in recent times step-by-step successes.

Even members of the ultra-nationalist Russian milblogger community, who supported the invasion, are critical of the indifference to the lives of troops, as demonstrated by Russian commanders.

The Russians are leaving their dead and wounded on the battlefield, Lieutenant Colonel Bayev told the BBC. “Their main task is just meat attacks and our total exhaustion,” he said.

British military intelligence said that the number of Russian wounded and killed in May reached its highest point of the war, with Russia losing about 1,200 troops per day.

The increase came as Russia stepped up its attacks on Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, seeking to take advantage of delays in Western aid reaching the front lines in Ukraine.

Despite the heavy losses, Russia was able to replenish its troop levels by offering relatively lucrative military contracts, recruiting prisoners, and using foreign mercenaries.

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