Nine more bodies found in southern Italy after shipwreck carrying migrants


Nine more bodies have been found off the coast of Italy after a migrant boat with several dozen people on board capsized in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Italian coast guard pulled them from the water about 100 kilometers from the mainland, authorities said Thursday.

This brings the number of confirmed fatalities to 17. It is feared that more than forty bodies are still in the sea.

The ship had left from Turkey, but capsized off the coast of the southern Italian region of Calabria on Monday night.

Only 11 people were rescued. The survivors were picked up by a merchant ship when the boat was already half-sunken. They were taken to the port of the Calabrian town of Roccella Ionica.

The Ministry of the Interior in Rome has counted more than 23,000 people who reached Italy by boat this year. In the same period last year there were almost 56,000.

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