Nexi partners with Amazon Italy


Nexi has entered into a new partnership with Amazon in Italy, allowing customers to make purchases via Bancomat Pay.

The partnership will see Nexi become a technical supplier for and make its technological platform available to e-commerce sites.

The agreement will give customers more choice at checkout and guarantee them an additional, convenient, simple and secure payment method.

Filippo Signoretti, Merchant Solutions Director of Nexi Italy, commented: “The agreement with demonstrates once again how Nexi’s international scale and strong local presence make it the ideal choice for global players who need partners with a solid positioning in local markets. “Our best-in-class technology and our specialist skills allow us to successfully collaborate with the main international players in all the European countries in which we operate, offering them the best services and the best digital payment solutions they need for growth.”

The partnership enables Nexi to take the next step in supporting the digitalization of payments in Italy

Intesa Sanpaolo also contributed to the project as a technology partner.

Nexi is a European PayTech company active in fast-growing, attractive European markets and technologically advanced countries. Listed on Euronext Milan, Nexi aims to drive the transition to a cashless Europe. With its portfolio of products, e-commerce expertise and industry-specific solutions, Nexi provides flexible support for the digital economy and the entire payments ecosystem worldwide, through a wide range of different payment channels and methods. Nexi focuses on two fundamental principles: meeting the needs of customers together with its partner banks and creating new business opportunities for them.

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