New path to registered accountant status opens in South Africa


Members of ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) can now apply to become a registered accountant. This will help reduce the talent shortage and increase diversity in the audit sector.

Following ACCA’s accreditation by the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors of South Africa last year, ACCA members can now apply to become registered auditors in the country.

The development will help alleviate the audit talent shortage. It will also further strengthen ACCA’s contribution to the South African economy and society, including increasing inclusion and diversity in the audit sector.

The head of the ACCA Southern Africa cluster commented: Portia Mkhabelasaid: “We are pleased that the opportunity for ACCA members and prospective members to obtain registered auditor status in South Africa is now available.

“This is great news for our current members and students, and it also increases the attractiveness of accountancy as a potential career for people just starting out.

“We are also very much looking forward to working with employers of accountants on the opportunities this offers them to strengthen the talent and skills of their teams.”

ACCA Director for Africa, Jamil Ampomahsaid: “This recognition is a positive reflection of the quality of the ACCA qualification, the professional standards of our members and our established presence in South Africa.

“It will open up new opportunities for our members and future members. It will also help employers in the audit sector by increasing the size and diversity of their talent pool.”

ACCA as a complementary professional body in South Africa has been granted accreditation by the IRBA. ACCA had to demonstrate how it met a strict set of criteria and the application had to be assessed by an independent panel.

ACCA members applying to become registered auditors must meet audit experience requirements and have completed relevant examination options within the ACCA qualification. They can then apply for ACCA’s South Africa Audit Qualification, which allows them to register for IRBA’s Audit Development Programme, a process of up to 18 months leading to registered auditor status.

ACCA members’ auditing skills are also recognised through audit regulatory recognition in other countries such as the UK, Ireland and Zimbabwe. ACCA’s qualification model has been welcomed in South Africa throughout its long history in the country, providing a route to becoming an accountant that is both inclusive and innovative.

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