Labour Party on the verge of winning British government after 14 years in power by the Conservative Party


The Labour Party is expected to secure a landslide victory on Thursday night, ending the Conservative Party’s 14-year reign in the UK.

Labour is on course to win 410 seats in the British House of Commons, a significant margin above the 326 seats needed for a majority, according to a report from the British party. national exit poll conducted by Ipsos for the BBC, ITV News and Sky News.

Conservatives are expected to win 131 of the 650 seats, with the rest going to smaller parties.

These polls, which are conducted at polling stations across the UK, have historically given an accurate picture of the final election outcome.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunakthe leader of the Conservative Party, called a surprise early election six weeks ago. The timing of the announcement raised eyebrows, given the party’s relative unpopularity in the country.

Conservatives have had to weather several scandals, including the short-lived premiership of Liz Truss and the resignation of Boris Johnson over allegations he hosted parties at 10 Downing Street during the pandemic.

A Labour victory would also clash with a recent rightward shift in other European countries, such as France. But those same populist trends are strong in the UK, and the exit polls suggest voters have been acting on well-reported dissatisfaction with the Conservatives’ handling of a range of issues, including the high cost of living and levels of immigration.

Labour leader Keir Starmer is expected to become the country’s next prime minister.

“To everyone who campaigned for Labour in this election, to everyone who voted for us and placed their faith in our transformed Labour Party – thank you,” Starmer said. wrote on social platform X.


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