Hanoi University relaxes height requirements for students amid outrage



The Hanoi School of Business and Management (HSB), part of the Vietnam National University in Hanoi, on June 6 dropped its height requirement for students amid public outcry. The requirement previously applied to all four bachelor’s programs, but now HSB only takes into account the height criterion for the Management and Safety course.

  • The requirements: Under the previous rule, female students had to be at least 5 feet 1 tall and male students had to be at least 5 feet 4 tall to be eligible. HSB justified the requirement by arguing that, in addition to academic achievement, physical appearance, including height, was a important factor in educating students to become confident leaders of the future.

  • Response from the Ministry of Education: The guideline from the Ministry of Education at the National University of Vietnam in Hanoi states that HSB must ensure that “no candidate loses the opportunity to apply due to regulations unrelated to qualifications and skills, except those specified by the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of National Defense.”

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