Goldwin-led consortium to establish green polyester fiber supply chain


A consortium of seven companies, including Mitsubishi Corp, Indorama Ventures and Goldwin, have jointly established a supply chain for more sustainable polyester fibers to supply The North Face in Japan.

The project involves the production of polyester fibres using renewable and bio-based materials, as well as materials produced via carbon capture and utilisation (CCU-paraxylene) instead of fossil fuels.

Goldwin will use the polyester fibers generated from the project for products supplied to The North Face. After that, the launch of more Goldwin products and brands will be considered.

In addition to Goldwin, the project owner, the project partners are Mitsubishi Corporation, Chiyoda Corporation (all three from Japan), SK geo-centric (South Korea), Indorama Ventures (Thailand), India Glycols (India) and Neste (Finland).

The seven companies ensure reliable traceability of material flows throughout the supply chain and continue to proactively work together on the defossilization of materials, thus contributing to a more sustainable society.

Earlier this year, Goldwin announced that it joined “The Fashion Pact”, in an effort to solve the problem of climate change and improve the global environment.

The company also financially supported a recent financing round for Finnish textile waste recycler Infinited Fiber Company.

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