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German rail services resume after flooding in Bavaria


According to the latest service updates, long-distance rail services are back up and running in much of southern Germany following the recent floods.

By Thursday, flood-related restrictions on the Ulm-Augsburg-Munich route in Bavaria had been lifted, while a previously restricted route between Augsburg and the city of Donauwörth no longer reported any disruptions or closures.

However, the Eurocity Express connection from Munich to the Swiss city of Zurich remained closed, as did the Intercity Express route between the cities of Nuremberg and Würzburg. The detour is expected to add about 25 minutes to the trip.

Delays and cancellations due to route closures continued to hamper regional train traffic in Bavaria on Thursday.

Trees stand in the flood waters of the Danube. The situation is improving in some flood areas in southern Germany, but the situation remains tense on the lower Danube. Armin Weigel/dpa

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