Expats rate Vietnam as most affordable country for 2024



Vietnam has secured its number 1 position in the Personal Finance Index for 2024, and is recognized as the most affordable country for expats, according to InterNations’ Expat Insider 2024. The Southeast Asian country has been ranked as the most affordable country for expats since the Expat Insider’s 2022 edition.

  • The numbers: InterNations investigated 12,500 expats from different countries. According to the findings, about four in five expats in Vietnam rated the cost of living in the country positively, with half of them rating it as “very good”. Overall, about 65% of expats in Vietnam said they were satisfied with their financial situation, compared to 54% of expats globally.

  • Other results: While Vietnam ranked first in the 2024 Personal Finance Index, the Southeast Asian country ranked first 40th out of 53 countries The country ranked 14th in terms of quality of life in the Working Abroad Index, 29th in expat essentials and 13th in ease of settlement. Meanwhile, other countries that made it into the top 10 of the 2024 Personal Finance Index include Indonesia at No. 3, the Philippines at No. 5, India at No. 6, Thailand at No. 8 and China at No. 10.

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