Evotec and Pfizer announce drug discovery collaboration


Evotec and Pfizer have entered into a multi-year collaboration, initially focusing on early discovery research.

As part of the collaboration on master research and the option and license agreement, the two companies will focus on research into metabolic and infectious diseases.

Evotec plans to conduct research activities at its facilities in France, including the advanced research site Campus Curie in Toulouse.

The location has a high screening capacity, in vitro and in vivo biology, metabolomics and proteomics.

Dr. Matthias Evers, Chief Business Officer of Evotec, said: “We are honored to collaborate with Pfizer to explore potential novel, breakthrough therapeutic approaches.

“We focus on diseases with serious unmet medical needs and highly innovative therapeutic approaches. We look forward to supporting our partners at Pfizer with integrated research and development (R&D) activities.”

Evotec benefits from research funding from Pfizer and may receive milestone and royalty payments depending on the success of the programs.

Dr. Luca Mollo, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Pfizer France, said: “We are delighted to collaborate with Evotec to conduct groundbreaking research that may help unlock new approaches to treating widespread metabolic and infectious diseases that affect millions of patients worldwide.

“France has developed a strong biopharmaceutical ecosystem, which is why we are delighted to partner with Evotec to build on our shared commitment to advancing scientific discovery for unmet diseases.”

In April 2024, Evotec and Variant Bio have collaborated to discover a treatment for conditions caused by fibrosis.

The alliance combines Variant Bio’s genomic discovery expertise and VB-Inference platform with Evotec’s anti-fibrotic drug discovery capabilities.

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