‘Every NATO country pledges to develop plans for domestic defense production’: Biden affirms NATO’s strength


Right now, Russia is on a war footing with respect to defense production. They are significantly increasing their production of weapons, ammunition, vehicles, and they are doing it with the help of China, North Korea, and Iran. We cannot, in my view, we cannot allow the alliance to fall behind. The fact is that so many of my, my, let me put it this way. I am very pleased that today all NATO members are making a commitment to expand our industrial base and our industrial capacity, as our defense spending commitment. This is a critical step to maintaining our security. For the first time ever, every NATO country is committing to develop plans for defense production domestically. That means that as an alliance, we are going to be more innovative, more competitive, and we are going to be able to produce more critical defense equipment faster than, and we should, we need it. You know, we will not be outdone, we cannot be outdone by anybody when it comes to our preparedness. Here at home, Americans have seen the power of investments like this. In my administration, we have already invested $30 billion in defense production to restart or expand production in 35 of our states. We are investing billions more. The result: stronger supply chains, a stronger economy, a stronger military, and a stronger nation. Let me close with this. This new commitment sends an unmistakable message to the world that every NATO member is committed to doing his or her part to keep the Alliance strong. We can and we will defend every inch of NATO territory, and we will do it together.

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