Comedian Tony Knight dies at 54 after ‘horrible accident’


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Tony KnightAfter his tragic death, his relatives honor his legacy.

The comedian was attending the Rock&Cars festival in June when he was involved in a “terrible accident,” a family member said Joanne Allen confirmed in a GoFundMe post.

“He was only 54 and had the time of his life. He was fit, healthy, happy and had everything going for him,” Joanne, the sister of Tony’s long-term partner Hayley Wrightwrote. “He was charismatic, funny, passionate and so loved by Hayley, his family and his friends around the world.”

“At the time of his accident he was on his way to his beloved Bouillac in the south of France, where he has a home and friends who await his annual return,” she continued. “Hayley was soon to follow, as they did every year at this time.”

According to the report, Tony had only been in France for a few days when he was killed.

“We are devastated that his life was ended in a freak accident,” Joanne added, “an accident that we are all still trying to understand.”

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According to local reportsAn unidentified man was killed and four others were injured when “two large branches” fell from a tree at the festival.

A few days after the incident, Tony’s partner Hayley posted a touching message in his memory.

“He was an extraordinarily talented man, with so many strings to his bow,” she wrote on Instagram June 11. “There was literally nothing he couldn’t do. He was a wonderful friend to so many, a great dog dad…but most of all he was my world and it will never be the same without him.”

Tony KnightTony Knight


“He probably would have ended this with a joke, but that was his talent and not mine… he really saw the positive side of every situation,” Hayley concluded. “I’m honestly devastated and in shock.”

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