China is building twice as much wind and solar power as the rest of the world combined


China is building twice as much wind and solar capacity as all other countries combined, according to a new analysis of large renewable energy projects. Wind and solar power are increasingly displacing coal from the electricity grid.

According to a Chinese government report, China is building 180 gigawatts of large solar power projects and 159 gigawatts of large wind power projects, which together represent nearly two-thirds of the capacity coming online globally. analysis from Global Energy Monitor. Analysts say that China has been much more successful than other countries in moving projects from the planning stage to the construction phase.

Wind and solar power already account for more than a third of China’s electricity capacity and are expected to surpass coal capacity this year. In May, China’s coal output hit a record low, while renewable energy production increased, a new report said analysis from CarbonBrief.

“As clean energy grows faster than electricity demand, fossil fuel production has been forced to decline, with the biggest monthly decline since the Covid-19 pandemic,” the analysis found. It confirmed the view that China is likely Highlight -emissions last year.

As wind and solar expansion continues at a rapid pace, renewables will continue to displace fossil fuels and drive down emissions, while the outlook for coal continues to deteriorate. Since 2015, China’s pipeline of new coal projects has shrunk from 738 gigawatts to 408 gigawatts, according to a new study analysis from the World Resources Institute.


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