China asks NATO not to create chaos in Asia, rejects label of ‘facilitator’ of Russia’s war in Ukraine

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BEIJING (AP) — China has accused NATO of pursuing security at the expense of others and has ordered the alliance not to bring the same “chaos” to Asia.

The statement from a State Department spokesman on Thursday came a day after NATO labeled China a “decisive facilitator” of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

“It is unreasonable and has sinister motives for NATO to worry about China’s responsibility in the Ukraine issue,” spokesman Lin Jian said at a daily briefing, insisting that China takes a fair and objective position on the Ukraine issue.

He said NATO’s “so-called security” comes at the expense of other countries’ security. China has supported Russia’s claim that NATO expansion posed a threat to Russia.

“China urges NATO to … stop interfering in China’s domestic politics and tarnishing China’s image, and not to create chaos in the Asia-Pacific region after unrest has already erupted in Europe,” Lin said.

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