Charities send bus full of generators to Ukraine


A charity has sent 34 generators to Ukraine in its latest delivery to help people living in war-torn areas of the country.

Since February 24, 2022, From Bristol with Love for Ukraine has sent a total of 71 vans full of goods to Ukraine, including more than 11,000 boxes.

On July 6, the last van was taken away in a ceremony at which Bristol Mayor Andrew Varney gave a speech.

Volunteer Dr Ann Kennard said: “People think Ukraine is forgotten, but it isn’t. This country has been very positive in its help and we will not forget them.”

A team of people with Ukrainian flags next to a white vanA team of people with Ukrainian flags next to a white van

The Mayor preceded the mission (From Bristol with love for Ukraine)

The bus was loaded with goods from the charity, which is based at the Bristol International Centre for Ukraine on Greystoke Avenue.

It will take a few days for the team travelling by bus to reach Romania, from where they will be taken across the border into Ukraine.

There they go to community centers in secure underground locations where citizens can charge their laptops, cell phones, cot batteries and flashlights, and cook.

The foundation depends on donations from the public.

Men loading boxes into a truckMen loading boxes into a truck

Over 30 generators were packed and shipped to Ukraine (From Bristol with love to Ukraine)

Dr Kennard, a retired lecturer at the University of the West of England, said: “We have heard from our friends in Ukraine that they particularly need generators and we are happy to help them.

“The power plants in Ukraine have been severely damaged. For example, the three largest power plants in Kharkov have been completely destroyed.

“We know this is what they need and everyone has been so generous.”

Dr. Kennard explained that the group is inundated with donations of supplies and money, which allows them to purchase and ship generators.

From Bristol with Love was founded by Dr. Razvan Constantinescu, Honorary Consul of Romania in Bristol.

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