Brazilian priest’s crucifix stops bullet in near-fatal car theft


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Jesus Saves: Brazilian Priest's Crucifix Stops Bullet in Near-Fatal Car TheftJesus Saves: Brazilian Priest's Crucifix Stops Bullet in Near-Fatal Car Theft

Jesus Saves: Brazilian Priest’s Crucifix Stops Bullet in Near-Fatal Car Theft

Father Jairo Luis Gusberti had a life-changing experience in the Christ the Redeemer neighborhood of Caxias do Sul, located in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. While driving two of his parishioners home around 9 p.m., he was abruptly stopped by two armed assailants, planning to carjack the vehicle. If events unfolded rapidlyone of the robbers shot Father Jairo directly through the windshield.

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Instead of a tragic ending to this story, the bullet, aimed directly at his chest, was miraculously deflected by the priest’s metal crucifix pendant. Instead of penetrating deeper, the bullet only caused a small flesh wound, sparing Father Jairo’s life.


Expressing his gratitude and amazement, Father Jairo remarked to the local press: “I was protected by God; that is the testimony I want to give. The crucifix, the symbol of Christ’s sacrifice for humanity, has also saved me, just as it has saved all of us.”

Photographs taken after this astonishing event showed the crucifix damaged, with the wood splintered and the metal distorted. In stark contrast, the mangled bullet lay beneath the cross in Father Jairo’s grip. Remarkably, it took several minutes for the priest to realize that he had been hit by the bullet.

After the incident, Father Jairo received immediate medical attention, with doctors successfully removing the bullet from his chest. Without the crucifix as a barrier, the injury could have been much more serious, possibly even fatal.

Released from the hospital within hours and with only a minor wound to show for his harrowing experience, Father Jairo expressed his feelings of rejuvenation. He adopted a forgiving attitude, saying, “I feel like I have been born again after the incident. Let us pray for those behind this crime, hoping that God’s love will reach their hearts.”

No information is yet available about the arrest of suspects in connection with the carjacking.

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