Avon International Selects Blue Yonder’s AI Forecasting Tool


Beauty company Avon International has selected Blue Yonder’s cognitive demand planning, enterprise supply planning and control tower AI solutions to create an end-to-end next-generation supply chain.

Part of Avon International’s strategy is to optimise production and distribution processes in both Europe and Asia Pacific (APAC) by establishing a planning hub for centralised demand and supply planning.

To streamline demand planning, respond faster to the cosmetics market and improve decision-making, the company will leverage Blue Yonder’s flexible software-as-a-service (SaaS) supply chain solutions based on AI and machine learning capabilities.

The solutions analyze the extensibility and explainability of causal factors. For Avon, these include campaigns, price, promotions, catalog position, and seasonality.

Avon benefits from an end-to-end planning process to manage trends, demand, supply, inventory, supplier collaboration and comprehensive omnichannel capabilities.

Avon International’s supply chain in Europe and APAC is managed by Avon Operations Polska (AOP) and Avon Distribution Polska, with the backbone of their operations based in Garwolin, Poland.

AOP operates the largest and most technologically advanced Avon manufacturing facility in the world. Cosmetics produced here are distributed to approximately 40 countries on three continents.

Maciej Kaniowski, Chief Operating Officer of Avon International, commented: “Blue Yonder’s supply chain solutions enable us to meet the changing needs of our customers, representatives and partners in a profitable and sustainable way.”

Blue Yonder has recently signed a series of successful agreements with retailers such as To wait And Ikea.

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