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APM Terminals starts an expansion project for the Callao terminal


APM Terminals Callao

APM Terminals Callao has launched a project to expand the Callao port terminal in Peru as part of a $749 million plan to expand capacity to 2.9 million teu.

Patio Guadalupe, an abandoned train station, is currently being demolished to build the terminal expansion.

Peruvian Minister of Transport and Communications Carlos Paredes said: “In macro terms, this work will improve the competitiveness of all Peru’s activities and generate more jobs and more investments, and therefore social inclusion, which is the goal we pursue with this government. “

APM Terminals plans to order four Super Post-Panamax cranes and twelve electric RTGs in addition to investing $307 million in the first and second phases of the project, which is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2014.

APM Terminals managing director Henrik Kristensen said: “Investing in four Super Post Panamax cranes with a reach of 23 containers and 12 electric RTG cranes is a clear commitment to developing Callao as a strategic, regional hub to drive more sales for the country generation through a world-class, environmentally friendly port.”

In July 2011, APM Terminals took control of the operation and management of Terminal Muelle Norte (North Terminal) in the Port of Callao, Peru, under a 30-year concession.

Under the concession, APM has invested $35 million to modernize and expand the existing facility into a multi-functional terminal serving general, ro-ro, breakbulk and container cargo as well as cruise ships.

Going forward, the company plans to purchase and install 12 new post-Panamax STS cranes and 36 new RTGs.

APM Terminals Callao signed an agreement with the Artisan Fishing Community in August 2012 to provide $3 million to develop their fishing terminal and improve the overall safety of the port.

The port is a 30-minute drive from Lima, Peru’s capital, and currently handles 90% of the country’s container freight.

Image: The project will see Patio Guadalupe, an abandoned train station, demolished to build a new terminal expansion at the Port of Callao in Peru. Photo: APM Terminals.

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