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All the wild accusations!


They survived the show, but not the wedding! Survivor: China Attendees Jaime Dugan And Erik Huffman Are to divorce 17 years after meeting on the reality show, falling in love and getting married.

Last month, Jaime filed for divorce, citing marital infidelity, domestic violence, substance abuse and attempted sexual assault in court papers.

The accusations label Erik as one drunk who flew into a wild rage and cheated on her – and she also suggests he was a switch-hitter.

In the documents, Jaime, 38, says she found flirty messages from boys on his phone, and when confronted, Erik, 43, started shouting: ‘How dare you accuse me of being gayyou stupid bitch?’”

She also claims that when Erik thought she was kissing a man at the restaurant where she worked, he “punched a hole in the wall next to my head.”

Jaime further claims that he “tried to have sex with her against her will” and when he couldn’t perform in the bedroom, he blamed her weight gain on the pregnancy that produced their son Harper.

The couple split following an incident on January 23 that led to Erik being charged with domestic violence. He pleaded not guilty.

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