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A NATO country says its warship was harassed by two Chinese fighter jets as it imposed sanctions on North Korea


  • The Dutch Defense Ministry said one of its warships was harassed by two Chinese fighter jets.

  • Last Friday they circled several times around the Zr.Ms. Trump over the East China Sea, the report said.

  • The warship was part of efforts to enforce sanctions against North Korea.

A Dutch warship was harassed by two Chinese fighter jets last Friday while implementing maritime sanctions against North Korea, according to the Dutch Ministry of Defense.

The Chinese plane circled HNLMS several times. Tromp, a frigate, while in international waters rack said.

It added that the warship’s patrol helicopter was also “approached” by the Chinese aircraft while patrolling the area.

“This has created a potentially unsafe situation,” the statement said.

The Netherlands, a founding member of NATO, is the latest country to claim that China has approached or intimidated any of its warships or aircraft in the region.

In June 2023, China executed a risky interception of an American spy plane over the South China Sea.

The US too released records In October 2023, several cases of aggressive flight behavior by Chinese aircraft were reported.

A Chinese coast guard ship in April collided with a Philippine vessel within the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines.

And not until May a Chinese plane issued flares near an Australian military helicopter over the Yellow Sea.

US Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs Ely Ratner said in 2022 that China’s increasingly aggressive behavior around the South China Sea could ultimately lead to a “major incident or accident.”

According to the Dutch ministry, HNLMS. Trump has been at sea since March and first sailed to the Red Sea and then on the Indo-Pacific in June.

The plane stopped in Busan, South Korea, on June 3 as part of its seven-month journey press release.

The warship was patrolling the East China Sea in support of a multinational UN group monitoring the implementation of maritime sanctions against North Korea.

The aircraft is expected to return to the Dutch city of Den Helder via the Panama Canal and the Caribbean Sea in mid-September, the ministry said.

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