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13 year old total Lamborghini Huracan in rainy Vancouver


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13 year old total Lamborghini Huracan in rainy Vancouver

A joyride of a 13 year old driver in a Lamborghini Huracan turned into a nightmare on the rainy streets of Vancouver. The vibrant orange supercara symbol of automotive opulence, met a tragic fate on March 25 when it veered off the Trans Canada Highway and ended up in a ditch, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

Responding to the scene, officers from the West Vancouver Police Department were confronted with a scene of destruction, with the Arancio Xanto-colored Huracan completely in the ditch. Despite the severity of the crash, the driver and his companion emerged unscathed, albeit shaken by the harrowing experience.

The circumstances surrounding the joyride remain shrouded in mystery and the relationship between the car’s owner and the underage driver has yet to be fully clarified. However, interviews with law enforcement agencies reveal that there is a clear motive behind the impulsive decision to test drive the Lamborghini.

West Vancouver Police Sergeant Chris Bigland expressed gratitude that no injuries were reported in the collision, and emphasized the dangers of driving without the proper experience, especially in adverse weather conditions. The 13-year-old driver now faces a litany of charges under the Motor Vehicles Act, including speeding, careless driving and driving without a license.

Source: West Vancouver Police

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